Tie a bow tie for your customer!

Todd SchnickSo, about two weeks ago for a client gig, I forced myself to learn how to tie a real bow tie.

[It is harder than it looks...]

But let’s step back a little bit:

So, my poor business partner. Several years ago, I vowed to never use the skanky clip-on bow tie that come with rental tuxes. Ever again.

Two months ago, a client hired us to broadcast from an industry awards show that they help organize.

Being an “awards” show, we were going to conduct the interviews of the executives who had just won an important industry award, such as “Most Innovative.”

Sounds like those red carpet interviews you see on TV, right? You know, right after the actor wins the Golden Globe and hits the Hollywood press backstage.

You need a tux for that kind of interview, right?

Right. So I recommended the idea:

My client loved the idea.

Boom. We were on!

Flash forward several weeks later, when getting fitted for the tux. I decline the standard clip-on bow tie that comes with the rental, and purchase my own real black bow tie.

My business partner, not to be outmanned, does the exact same thing.

Now all we have to do is learn how to do it. At this point in my life, I’d never even made one ATTEMPT to tie a bow tie.

And over the next two weeks, he and I both spend about two to three hours studying cheesy YouTube videos learning how to tie a damn bow tie.

Two key findings from the experience:

1. My business partner and I had heck of a lot of fun going through the goofy experience. And we bonded a little more deeply as a result.

2. [And more importantly] My client is deeply grateful to our commitment to doing something meaningful for THEIR event, to add some pizazz to THEIR event.

Not that we needed this essay to learn that clients appreciate little gestures like this, but it really had an impact on the bonding between us and our client.

[Did I mention this event was our FIRST formal gig with this client?]

Take little dramatic actions like this to ingratiate yourself into your customer. The dividends are almost incalculable.

Better yet, do something vulnerable, goofy, and human: You never know how impactful little actions like this can be…

P.S. We are now currently in discussions for several more new gigs…


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  • Gareth Young

    Making oneself vulnerable is really important. Some folk get scared and back off, and a few will even take advantage and hurt one, but in my experience the vast majority of people respond very positively.

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah gareth, it changes everything…