About Todd

Todd Schnick has advised hundreds of organizations ranging from tech startups to multi-million dollar organizations. He serves as a marketing, sales, and business strategist.


He has published four books, has been a successful writer/blogger since 2008, and regularly speaks. He usually writes and speaks about his intrepid business and life philosophy.

“Enjoy your Intrepid blog. Especially the rants.” Emile P.

As a radio show host and producer, he has hosted thousands of business talk shows in his Atlanta studio, over the internet, and on trade show floors across North America.

“Todd is a master of keeping cool, casual, and relevant.” Chad M. (recent studio guest)

His popular radio shows include Intrepid Radio, Manufacturing Revival Radio, Business in the Morning, The GoodLiving.club, Healthcare Insider, and The Incubator.

Todd also spent many years as a political strategist, managing races from governor to magistrate judge. He served as Executive Director of two state Republican political organizations (Nevada and Georgia), Political Director of Florida, and as an aide to a U.S. Congressman.

During the 2000 Florida Recount, Chris Matthews predicted he would go to jail. To be thought of this way by Matthews is Todd’s crowning achievement as a political operative.

“Your blog and broadcast messages are really spot on! The uniqueness of your posts and website as a whole gets me particularly jazzed.” Jeff Shore

He lives in Brookhaven, Georgia (Metro Atlanta) with his wife Stephanie and their two dogs. He is a distance runner and voracious reader. Todd also serves on the board of Speakeasy.

To contact Todd, email him here, or subscribe to his intrepid mailing list.

“I always enjoy reading your posts as I can immediately implement some bit into my life.” Vicki L.

Top Sales & Marketing Influencer 2014