Becky McCray: Why Your Business Needs To Adopt Small Town Rules!

My pleasure to welcome one of the truly cool and kind people of the social webs, Becky McCray, to IntrepidTV.

Becky is an author, speaker, and rural entrepreneur…truly a small-town girl. Her latest book, co-authored with Barry Moltz, is called Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy.

What do small town businesses know that big brands need to adopt? Becky and I discussed that and these other topics on the show:

1. Changes in the economy, technology, and a cultural change which lead to an increased focus on local, all make small town rules more important than ever.

2. This really fascinating contradiction: we are more connected GLOBALLY than ever…but yet small town rules are more necessary than ever.

3. We are as connected globally, as we are with the intimacy of local small-town relationships. Everyone knows, and can easily speak with, everyone else.

4. People used to trust the large brands, but nowadays, they are trusting small, local businesses too…and maybe even more so.

5. Large, global brands can adopt small town rules to connect with people on a deeply, personal level. This wasn’t possible even just a few years ago.

6. Any business can connect with people online. What is the modern equivalent of seeing your neighbors at the local parade? Hanging and connecting with them on Twitter. [Becky share three SIMPLE AND POWERFUL online tips for small business]

7. It is not just about finding new business. It is also about nurturing existing relationships. And the importance of the community manager!

8. “Reputation is forever.”

You can learn more about Becky McCray and the book here, and purchase the book below (affiliate link):


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Editor’s note: my apologies for the video quality. I was in a rather poorly lit hotel room, coupled with weak WiFi, so today’s skype isn’t as good quality as I’d prefer. Appreciate your patience. The content still rocks though!