Sometimes life kicks you in the balls

Sometimes, life kicks you in the balls…

I got some news today that rocked my world. The kind of news that won’t enter into a majority of your lifetimes.

But I will tell you, it’s knocked me on my ass. And naturally, this kind of news always happens when your life is operating at its outer limits.

They say God only tests those capable of handling it. Maybe so. The last thing I wanted was to hear this particular news. But nobody asked me. Life dealt the cards. And so it is…

Why do I mention this? A few reasons:

The show must go on. Life must go on.

I mention it because 99.99% of the world I interact with won’t know about my news, they won’t know what has made its way into my life. They won’t know the demons I am carrying, and those of the people I care about.

The fact is, business doesn’t stop for personal reasons. The economic engines of the planet keep turning, no matter what details impact the lives of the players playing the game. The world keeps turning.

But that’s actually good news. The sun will come up tomorrow. That’s a fact. And that is something to build upon, and keep faith in.

No, the hard core business point of this post?

Two things:

1. The people you are selling to, the people you are marketing to… Many of them are dealing with their own demons, with burdens you know NOTHING about. Just be aware of that. And take that into account when you are assessing people’s reactions (or non-reactions) to your outreach.

2. You have to know that things will keep moving, whether you are on the horse or not. You may get kicked in the balls, but that doesn’t mean the entire planet stops turning for you. You have to clear your head and process your demons, sure….

But you also have to know that the people you work and partner with will expect things to keep moving. Just remember that.

Good people will understand and accept what you are dealing with and be patient and understanding, but their world has to keep turning to.

Keep that in mind as you engage (or disengage) with the world around you.


To join me in the fight to keep on living an intrepid life.

  • Robert Terson

    99.99% may not know but now I know, so I needed to give you a huge hug; so I will–here’s a HUGE hug. Your story brought to mind my kidney-cancer experience. I wrote about that in the Gratitude chapter of my book. Yeah, we have to keep in mind that the folks out there whom we’re interacting with may be going through some tough times, may need us to cut them some slack. Great post, Todd!

  • Todd Schnick

    Thanks Bob. I’ll take the hug. Appreciate your friendship…

  • paulcastain

    Todd, I’m sorry to hear about the news you received and must say I admire your courage and how you’ve offered a lesson to your readers today.
    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Todd Schnick

    that means a lot paul. thanks kindly for your note…