Author and Minimalist Joshua Millburn on Intrepid Radio!

Joshua Millburn

A pleasure to welcome back Joshua Millburn to Intrepid. Joshua, and his The Minimalists co-contributor Ryan Nicodemus, joined me a while back on IntrepidTV.

But today, we got together to discuss Joshua’s new collection of short stories, Falling While Sitting Down, released this week. On the show, we discussed the following topics:

1. The differences in the creative process between non-fiction ad fiction.

2. Dealing with imperfections and how most, if not all, creatives deal with that reality. Joshua shares his lessons learned.

3. We discussed the motif and the theme of the collection, particularly in Joshua’s four pieces.

4. And we talked about the three individuals who also contributed a short story, one of which is a previous guest on this show. We also talked about what it was like to work with them.

5. Joshua shares some of the experiences learned from the book launch process: how social media, building community and demonstrating passion play an integral role.

6. Finally, we talk about his upcoming projects: a novel due out next year and a new ebook from The Minimalists.

You can learn more about Joshua Millburn here. You can purchase his new collection here:


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  • Ann Lihl

    Great interview! I really enjoyed how Joshua explained the process of writing and the amount of time and work it truly means to be a good author/writer. I myself paint and know how it feels to be in this position as many people do not know the passion, and time, and the soul it takes to create a beautiful piece of art, unless they themselves are into the arts.

  • Todd Schnick

    yes ann, i agree. that was my fav part of the interview… thanks for listening!

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