Austin McGhie: Brand is a Four Letter Word

brand is a four letter wordA pleasure to welcome Austin McGhie to Intrepid Radio. Austin is the president of the Strategy Group at Sterling Brands, and the author of Brand Is A Four Letter Word: Positioning and The Real Art of Marketing.

In our interview, you will learn:

1. If you use branding as a verb, you are dead wrong.

2. Positioning is the true heart of marketing.

3. People confuse branding and positioning, thinking they are the same thing.

4. “Find what makes you unique, in a way that makes you better.”

5. How to really build a brand.

6. Brand is a response…not a stimulus.

Austin McGhie7. Why people are so afraid to really differentiate themselves. Is it because of our culture’s emphasis on conforming? Or a desire to be liked by everybody?

8. “You have to bake the differences in when you start…You can’t paint the marketing on later.”

9. “Niche is NOT a four letter word.”

10. Why Austin doesn’t really want you to think outside the box.

11. The difference between strategy and tactics, and that most people don’t really know what strategy is.

12. “Strategy is the art of forced choice.”

13. Too many traditional sales reps struggle because they are branding, when they should be POSITIONING instead. The number one reason sales reps ultimately have to sell on price is because they’ve done a lousy job positioning their product or service.

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  • Mars Dorian

    interesting, I never thought about this definition of branding – but it does make sense. Marketing and positioning leads to branding, not the other way around. That will change the way I treat the whole aspect. Thanx for that, guys.

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah, i found myself rethinking a lot of things after this conversation myself. thanks for listening, as always, my friend!