Adam Grant uncovers the secret to happiness AND sales!

Adam GrantAdam Grant is the youngest tenured professor at The Wharton School, and the author of the New York Times best-seller, Give and Take: A revolutionary approach to success.

Here are some highlights from our conversation:

1. Have we been looking at success the wrong way all these years?

2. When Adam was on The Today Show not long ago, they lead off the story with a film clip of Gordon Gekko, the quintessential bad guy of business. Lots of people looked up to him and wanted to be him, but that’s wrong, according to Adam. Nice guys can – and do – finish first.

Adam Grant on Today

3. Adam’s research lead to the categorization that people fall into three groupings: takers, matchers, and givers. Wetalk about the differences.

4. We talk about how you actually do this…”this” being whether success is simply a matter of focusing on how to “lift other people up.”

5. The secret power of “the five-minute favor.”

5. We discuss how and where else this idea manifests itself…what activities should a leader, or future leader, do to be a giver. And whether it can happen in meetings, team collaboration, networking, negotiation…

6. We discuss whether people really can change. Honestly, is it possible? I ask whether or not takers will always be takers?

7. A discussion around how one does go about the mindset and behavioral changes.

8. Adam answers the question: aren’t givers ultimately burned, and taken advantage of?

9. Are givers better judges of character?

10. The idea that you can be a giver, and still successful in sales.

11. The philosophy espoused in the book isn’t just for individuals. This idea can have an impact on both organizations and communities.

12. Finally, Adam answers the all-important question: Is this idea the secret to happiness?

Go here to learn more about Adam Grant and the book, plus find an interesting collection of resource materials to learn whether you are a taker, matcher, or giver.

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This is episode 88.