A Tale of Two Nurses: What Is Your Customer Service Choice?

from east_lothain_museums on flickr

from east_lothain_museums on flickr

A member of my family is preparing to have surgery next week. Thus, we are spending a lot of time in the hospital. So, as we prepare our businesses for 2010, I thought I’d share two stories of nurse interaction. They are different. Choose which approach you think is best for your customers…


As part of the preparation for the surgery, my family member is required to go to the hospital each day for a series of shots. As it happens, they are being done in a local cancer center, in the facility where cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy. (Note: my family member is NOT battling cancer!)

We observed one elderly couple. The husband struggled to lift his spouse properly on the couch, never getting her comfortably on the chair. They required help. The nurse, unbelievably, wasn’t willing – or for some unexplained reason – unable to assist. And when asked for help, made the comment “I will see what I can do.”


We observed another nurse, working with another patient, dealing with a difficult situation that I won’t share here, as it wasn’t pleasant. The patient, clearly upset and very much struggling, was so grateful to this other nurse for her assistance, made it a real point to graciously thank this nurse for the help.

What did nurse B say? “No worries, dear. I’ve always believed nursing is a ministry. And this is how I serve people.”


So, as you move into 2010 and prepare to execute your customer experience strategy, what type of nurse are you going to be?

Be Intrepid.