A Simplified Focus on Revenue

My biggest push for 2012? To trim away all the distractions and focus intensely on driving revenue.

I love mixing it up, love taking on new challenges, doing new research, executing new experiments, and…I do NOT say “No” enough. This is going to change in 2012.

Yes, being intrepid means boldly trying new things and seeing how they work, and whether it can be incorporated into your mix, but I’ve done too much of that. I need to gear my time and energy investments in action items that drive revenue.

For instance, I’ve bitten the bullet and purchased a CRM tool, Highrise by 37signals. I have to get serious about moving things along with my prospects and closing deals.

I am going to schedule deep thinking time to focus on the creative side of what I have to do to advance sales cycles. I am going to alter my strategic method of how to recruit, schedule and interview my guests with the intrepid media empire. ;-)

Seriously. I love my show, and it is doing amazing things for me and my business, but I have to do that better. I have to make sure that the time investment (and it is considerable) is moving the “closing deals” ball down the field.

What about you? What can you do to focus more intently on driving revenue?

This isn’t new advice, but remember this handy tip (and I am reminding myself of this too): take a look at your TO DO list, and identify the top items that when you complete them, what results is more revenue for you and your business.

Me? I oftentimes pick the “fun” stuff on the list, not the revenue drivers. That is going to change.

I am sure that some application of the Pareto principle applies here…but I know that 20%(ish) of the action items on my TO DO list will result in 80%(ish) of my revenues.

Pure and simple, I just haven’t been focusing on them. Have you?

What steps can you take to improve on this? What tools can you use? What decision-making process do you need to implement? What teamwork in your organization needs to be executed to shift the focus towards revenue?

These are important questions. You had better be asking them!


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[photo from flickr]

  • http://www.brainzooming.com Mike Brown

    I hear you so much on this, Todd. We’ve done a Twitter chat called #BZBowl for a couple of years to critique Super Bowl ads. It’s a blast to do, but it’s clear it doesn’t move the business ahead for us. As a result, we aren’t doing it this year. Walking away from the fun of it is difficult, but fun doesn’t meet financial objectives when it’s separated from developing the business.

  • Todd Schnick

    oh man, i love the #BZBowl! but i understand. and those are the hard decisions you have to make.