A simple trade show strategy

1625490_10152240888068252_336858249_nIt is 646AM as I type this, Tuesday.

I am broadcasting from HIMSS14 in Orlando, Florida.

I co-host and produce a small-business podcast called The Healthcare Insider. The show shines a light on the movers and shakers in the healthcare industry, the people leading change and driving innovation in the industry.

It is a fascinating show, and our fastest growing.

Our work here in Orlando includes two components, the LIVE broadcast feed (today + tomorrow), plus we have two crews roaming the floor capturing interviews and gaining the perspective of executives around the industry.

The latter is what I want to bring to your attention. It is what I am doing in the photograph above. It is a podcasting strategy that can be a very impactful business development strategy.

It works like this (three-step plan):

1. You host a show that showcases leaders in your respective market space.
2. You attend trade shows covering your industry.
3. You walk around to the exhibits, and ask to speak to the executives to share company insights on the market and coming trends.

Does the strategy work?

Here are some things I heard just yesterday:

“Oh, let me get the CEO for you!”

“The president of the company is busy at the moment, but come back at 2pm. He’d love to talk with you.”

“This interview was so short, can we connect post-show and do something more comprehensive?”

“I fly to Atlanta on a pretty regular basis. Can we arrange a follow-up interview in your studio?”

“Can we showcase this interview on our corporate website?”

“Is it ok to send your interview out to our company mailing list?”

“Let me give you the name and number of our CEO, so that you can arrange an interview with him later today or tomorrow!”

Read those again, and tell me if your regular cold calling efforts are generating outputs such as that.

As a salesman and marketer, if you don’t recognize the value of hearing those quotes above, then you really aren’t a good salesman and marketer. And don’t see the value of a podcast like mine has in generating meaningful relationships with the decision-makers of your target companies.

That’s what this is all about. Generating meaningful relationships.

Relationships start from conversation.

When you have a platform, people want to talk to you. They want to get their message out. They want to have their story told.

All you have to do is provide them your platform…


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