99 Ways To Be An Intrepid Marketer [2011 Edition]

I started my company, and write this blog, to help business people become intrepid marketers.

But what does an intrepid marketer actually look like? Here are 99 suggested ways:

  1. Intrepid marketers take decisive action.
  2. They are bold.
  3. They are fearless.
  4. They do not fear making important decisions.
  5. They create a serious marketing plan…
  6. …but aren’t afraid to make mid-course corrections on their plan.
  7. They read voraciously.
  8. They have a blog.
  9. Their web presence engages. It is NOT static.
  10. They embrace the social web.
  11. The celebrate transparency.
  12. They give back to their community.
  13. They serve others…
  14. …and they even serve their competition.
  15. They don’t hide behind traditional media.
  16. They teach.
  17. They tell stories.
  18. They listen.
  19. They embrace new technology…
  20. …but only new technology that advances their goals.
  21. They don’t tear down others…
  22. …but they learn lessons from the mistakes of others.
  23. They love joint venturing.
  24. They love collaborating.
  25. They love learning. And never stop learning.
  26. They engage with others…
  27. …even with people they disagree with.
  28. They focus only on the customer experience.
  29. They recognize that every employee is in the marketing department. From the CEO to the cleaning crew.
  30. They see every conceivable customer interaction as something that can and should be continuously improved.
  31. They know you can’t automate human interaction.
  32. They worry about communicating well.
  33. They welcome customer feedback…
  34. …especially negative customer feedback. It helps them improve.
  35. They thoughtfully comment on the blogs of others.
  36. They share. Freely.
  37. They only upsell if they are truly benefiting the customer.
  38. They ask a lot of questions…
  39. …but only to really hear and learn from the answers.
  40. They don’t gloat or show-off.
  41. They believe in quality over quantity.
  42. They admire courage.
  43. They know that marketing is a two-way conversation, not a one-way push.
  44. They sense that interruption marketing is evil, and should be mercilessly destroyed.
  45. They don’t compete on price…
  46. …and they won’t. Ever.
  47. They have no fear walking away from prospects who aren’t the right fit.
  48. They love what they do.
  49. They don’t “work.”
  50. They don’t take credit. For anything.
  51. They demonstrate value. With ease.
  52. They know you earn your brand. Not hire a consultant to “create” your brand.
  53. They test and measure. Everything.
  54. They are always improving. Everything.
  55. They understand the power of video, even if the medium isn’t right for them.
  56. They understand the power of podcasts, even if the medium isn’t right for them.
  57. They love networking…
  58. …by which I mean they love learning how to help others.
  59. The relish the chance to connect people.
  60. They know what they don’t know.
  61. They understand the power of images.
  62. They respect differing opinions.
  63. They push themselves, even when there are obstacles.
  64. They aren’t afraid of improvisation.
  65. They know there is no such thing as an overnight success.
  66. When they identify a problem, they fix it. They don’t wait and let it fester.
  67. They don’t spam.
  68. They are creative.
  69. They have patience…
  70. …but they don’t sit around and wait.
  71. They respect the A-listers…
  72. …but they help and push the little guys.
  73. They are innovative…
  74. …and actually know what innovation really means.
  75. They don’t have too many products or services. They focus only on what they do very well.
  76. They are continually trying to improve themselves in every way. Personal development never ends.
  77. They are good problem solvers.
  78. They are NOT afraid to adapt to an ever-changing environment.
  79. They don’t multi-task. They focus.
  80. They are in the moment.
  81. They are deep thinkers. And they make time to do serious thinking.
  82. They sweat the small stuff.
  83. …but spend time focusing on the big stuff.
  84. They know how to apply the 80/20 principle to their situation.
  85. They honor and celebrate referral partners.
  86. They are not conformists.
  87. They aren’t afraid of sharing what they know. They aren’t held back by this notion of “people need to pay me for my knowledge…”
  88. …but they charge a premium for their services.
  89. They embrace relationships.
  90. They live by “serving first, selling second.”
  91. They don’t “sell,” but rather, they co-create solutions by engaging in creative sessions with their prospects.
  92. They don’t have time management problems, because they are always focused on the important stuff.
  93. They have balance, and enjoy things outside of business that drive them.
  94. There is nothing fake about them. They are real. And authentic.
  95. They apologize when they need to. And work hard to fix the problem.
  96. And they are honest. Always.
  97. They love generating content. And know that meaningful content matters to the market.
  98. They have a keen understanding of business acumen, and know how their work moves the revenue needle.
  99. They embrace and welcome failure.

What would you add to this list?

[Note: I published my original list last year. And as time passes, the world changes. And this list will evolve with it.]


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  • Mike Haberman

    Great list.. I like it alot. Gives me an idea for an HR list.

  • Todd Schnick

    awesome. glad you liked it. and please alert me to your list when complete!

  • http://YourStressMatters.com Dr. Rae

    An inspirational and motivational list anyone is able to use Todd!  Thank you for sharing and taking the lead♥ 

  • Todd Schnick

    always a pleasure. thanks for stopping by!