8 Simple Things You Can Do To Stop Brand Equity Bleeding

Your brand is bleeding. And you know it, and need and want help…

…or you don’t care because you are just going through the motions. These are the kind of people spring-loaded to bolt out the door at 4:59pm.

If you want help, sure, you could spend your vast treasure hiring an agency to build (or rebuild) your brand…

…or you could just do these 8 things. And these won’t cost you a dime to implement:

1. Listen to people, especially customers. Don’t placate me. Just look me in the eye and care what I have to say. We can tell when you are faking. And faking, as in all cases, is bad here…

2. Be proactive in solving problems. Don’t wait for a call to customer service. Sense a problem? Good. Take action — don’t hope that it just goes away. I often feel like employee repellent: when I need help in a store, amazing how the people there to help me seem to scurry away.

3. Empower employees to resolve customer problems without needing to “connect you to someone who can help you.” Your brand bleeds when an employee tells me “Let me see if I can find someone to help you…”

4. Remove any risk of customer exposure to an automated phone system. A company goes down several notches in my brand rankings when I have to press one to do this, or press two to do that…

5. And if you do have real human beings on the phone, be damn sure the first person they speak to can address the problem. If you have to transfer customers to several different folks, your brand is bleeding…bad.

6. And again, and I sincerely don’t mean to be ugly here, if you have customer service people, be sure we can understand them. Honestly, it is frustrating when I can’t understand the person trying to help me…

7. Recognize that every employee serves in the marketing and sales departments. Every. Employee. And this means that you need to proactively seek the “how do we improve” inputs from everyone, even the janitor.

Sidebar: you better hire people who want to give input. If you don’t, and you only hire mutes, your brand will soon bleed to death.

8. Make an attempt. And be glad to make an attempt. Even if you can’t solve the customer’s problem, try something. Anything. Make the customer feel like you cared enough to give it a go. This often does more to build long-term loyalty than actually fixing the original problem…

Any questions? What would you add?


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[cartoon by hugh macleod]

  • Anonymous

    Great List. Couldn’t agree more with #7.

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah, #7 is where i think most organizations have the most potential for improvement…