6 Simple Keys To Successful Branding

I was speaking with a prospect of mine from the west coast the other day. We were discussing a brand vision development engagement, where I will help her craft a message and vision for what she wants her newly-formed organization to stand for.

As a result of that chat, I jotted down six things we talked about, and wanted to share these with you. These are some simple, yet critical things you should think about when it comes to executing your brand vision and fulfilling your brand promise.

1. Start with why – Simon Sinek says we need to know why we do what we do. Why are you doing what you are doing? What is our purpose? What is our mission?

2. My obituary model – What do you want your obit to say? What cool story about your life and work should that obit say? What do you want people to think about when they reflect upon your life? So, write your obit right now. Then live it.

3. What emotions do you want people to feel when they interact – or are exposed to your brand? I want to distance run and achieve big things when I see Nike ads. What actions/emotions do you want people to feel with your brand?

4. The “Live vicariously though you” concept. Your story, and your mission, needs to be so compelling that people want to be a part of it, to go on the journey with you. In other words, to live vicariously through you. Read another way, they are living your brand too.

5. How can people contribute to the story? How can they add to it? Look at what Coca-Cola is doing with their Content 2020 initiative. You don’t tell the story of your brand…your audience does. Empower them to do so…

6. Is living your brand promise enough to get you up and moving in the morning? If not, you need to find something else to do….

What do you think? What other ideas about branding can you share…or identify with?


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  • http://listgrowandprosper.com/ Nick Grimshawe

    Wow that is quite a list. #4 is very interesting, how to get others to live through your story or live vicariously through you. Never quite viewed it that way. It’s a viewpoint changer that’s for sure. And 5 getting people to contribute to the story…that is a great idea I will have to work on more. I suppose it is about engaging people to boil it down.


  • Todd Schnick

    thanks nick. yeah, a lot of the cool and innovative entrepreneurs that inspire me, and people I aspire to be more like… so, a cool, fun approach i take with my clients…

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