50 Reasons Why We All Do Content Marketing

I talk a lot about content marketing, and its importance. But a lot of you tell me that you don’t produce content on a regular basis, whether personal or business.

You. Are. Wrong.

1. What does your business card say?

2. The words you type in your emails.

3. When you publish a blog post.

4. What you jot down on a post-it note.

5. That hand-written thank you note.

6. That voice mail you just left.

7. White papers.

8. Hard covers and e-books.

9. The youtube video you just recorded.

10. Scribbled meeting notes in your moleskine.

11. Company instruction manuals.

12. Menus.

13. Scribbles on the conference room white board.

14. The podcast you just recorded.

15. The comment you left on someone’s blog.

16. Your e-mail newsletter.

17. Billboards.

18. Scrolling messages on blimps.

19. Your screensaver.

20. Captions on photos and drawings.

21. Notes in the margins.

22. Receipts.

23. Road signs.

24. The voice message you just left for someone.

25. That 404 error message on your website.

26. Your website’s “About Us” page.

27. Your journal or diary.

28. Your TO DO lists.

29. Price tags.

30. Your speeches.

31. Your webinars and seminars.

32. The conversations over Starbucks coffee.

33. Skype.

34. Your bio. Online or otherwise…

35. The greeting cards you send.

36. Tweets.

37. Other status updates.

38. The bumper stickers on your car.

39. Vehicle wraps.

40. The text messages you send.

41. Product labeling.

42. Art. However you define or produce it.

43. Fliers and pamphlets.

44. Promotional marketing stuff like stress balls, key chains, and coffee mugs.

45. The company brochure and other collateral.

46. Customer comment cards.

47. Your retail store marquee.

48. Print and digital advertisements.

49. Event promotions.

50. Your elevator pitch.

OK. Do you now understand why you need to think more about your content strategy? Or do you at least have some new ideas on where you can get creative with content?


What have I missed?


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  • http://www.facebook.com/MotivationSys?sk=app_176428872439267 Teo Graca

    What’s your passion? I take time out every day to listen to music, so occasionally (51.) I post a favorite song from YouTube. I like green stuff and read when I have time (52.) and post and article I read. I am really into quotes, and (53.) I post my favorite quote for the day. There is no end to it. There is no excuse not to create content, unless you don’t believe it helps your business.

  • Todd Schnick

    you are right teo. NO EXCUSE. all of our messages, however conveyed, say something about us. thanks for contributing…