49 Random Observations On How To Be A Player In Social Media

1. Use your head shot as your avatar, not a logo..or a Mad Men cartoon likeness (even though Don Draper is hot)…

2. Comment on at least five blogs a day. And don’t you dare only say “Great post! Thanks for sharing!”

3. If you automate anything, you deserve a slow and painful death.

4. If you ever say “Nice to meet you, let’s be friends on Facebook too!” – I will kick your shins when I actually meet you…

5. Don’t say you are a “social media guru.” Just don’t.

6. In fact, the word “expert” ought not appear anywhere in your profiles.

7. I could give a damn if you are the “Mayor” of your own home…

8. Don’t retweet yourself.

9. Don’t stream your Twitter feed into LinkedIn.

10. #thereallylonghashtagsontwitteraresomewhatannoying.

11. Adding #fail to any tweet, is just, well, a total #fail.

12. Just because your DM message begins with “This is an automated message, but I really care about knowing you!” doesn’t mean I am going to like you.

13. I don’t take you seriously when your Twitter location is “Earth.” Although I kinda dig it when people put their flight’s seat number…

14. How in the bloody hell do you have time for Farmville and Mafia Wars?

15. I. Don’t. Have. A. Problem. Using. Periods. For. Exclamation. But. Others. Do.

16. When you share the work of others, be sure you cite the author. It’s kinda skuzzy to tweet a link to an article, only to find it belongs to someone else…

17. I really want to stab my eyes with pencils every damn time I see another quote from Einstein or Mark Twain…

17.5. …Instead, come up with your own words of wisdom to promote.

18. I am cool with mentioning political stuff…but don’t get all fussy when someone from the other side gives you lip and fights back.

19. It is nails on a chalkboard when you put “PLS RT” at the end of a tweet. At least it is for me. And maybe a couple of million other people…

19.5. And certainly don’t ask me to retweet a 137-character tweet… [this is why I don't own a weapon]

20. And don’t DM me and ask me to comment on your post. If I find it worthy, I will comment, RT, and sing your praises…

21. I’ve said this before, but any Tweet mentioning “Trump” is probably going to elicit a negative reaction…

22. Transparency is what makes this stuff great folks. Get with the program…

23. U don’t need 2 abbrv8 ur entire twt.

24, If I don’t “like” your Facebook page on Monday…it probably means I won’t “like” your damn page on Tuesday… Stop asking me…

25. I appreciate every #FollowFriday I get, but stacking a tweet with eight twitter handles doesn’t really move people to follow… #justsaying

26. I think #justsaying is overused…

27. I mean, really. Don’t ask me to recommend you on LinkedIn when we’ve never actually worked together…

28. Don’t broadcast your latest blog post over 39 different LinkedIn groups. This action may result in gunfire…

29. Hey, it is way cool to mention your latest post on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn…but if that’s ALL you do? You are doing it wrong.

30. Stop bitching about Facebook security protocols. When they start charging for access, then it is allowed.

31. Twitter Search, if done right, can change your life. Or at least your business.

32. I love how some A-listers are approachable, friendly, and helpful. And how some people, with 47 followers, act like prima donnas.

33. You don’t need to have a presence on EVERY social network. Engage where you have impact. Engage where your market is.

34. Friending you on Facebook is NOT permission to be added to your email database…

35. Don’t automate tweet distribution. When you tweet something, and I respond, and you get back to me three days later? That’s uncool.

36. When you send me a tweet, and I don’t know you, and you have 2 followers, and you ask me to click on a link? I will ignore you, with malice.

37. When people say they don’t care what you had for breakfast? They are lying. Secretly, they love knowing what their friends are up to…but they will NEVER admit it.

38. If you don’t know how to use Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to strike up conversations, you need to begin again.

39. If you invite me to be your connection on LinkedIn with the standard “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” — you are missing a huge opportunity…

40. If you are whining that you don’t have enough time to read blogs, you aren’t using your RSS feed correctly…

41. If you have a blog, and have turned off commenting? What’s the point? [this applies to everyone, except Seth...]

42. If you allow commenting, but aren’t responding to the comments you are getting? What’s the point?

43. Make it easy to share your content. If it is hard to share, I won’t share it.

44. Just because a celebrity friends you on Facebook, doesn’t mean they are your BFF…

45. If your PR agency has an intern doing your tweeting, disclose that.

46. A large number of Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or LinkedIn connections doesn’t make you better. It does allow you to shine a brighter light on others, but sadly, most don’t do that…

47. But yet, most people still battle “follower envy” and devote their time to building numbers instead of building connection.

48. Spend your time connecting with real people, get to know them. And spend time sharing the work of others. That’s what makes you a player in social media. #thatisall

49. …and I think #thatisall is overused too.

[with regards to the bad stuff here? i am guilty of some of them. this post is as much for me as it is for you. i promise to work on it!]

Any other observations to share? What did I miss?

[cartoon by @gapingvoid]

  • http://www.chrisljordan.com Chris Jordan

    Oh come on, give me ONE more :)

  • http://bretphillips.com Bret Phillips

    I think these two are extremely important and wanted to help them shine

    22. Transparency is what makes this stuff great folks. Get with the program…

    I have a hard time explaining to people that have not already embraced ‘hanging out online’ how this works. They continue to want to hide behind a brand or some kind of personal facade instead of opening up and actually getting to know people.

    31. Twitter Search, if done right, can change your life. Or at least your business.

    Twitter search is one of the easiest ways to target people that you can help. If you can help people, I find they are usually greatful, as well willing to pay you for continued help.

    Be that in a monetary form or maybe just passing you information off to someone else they know who could use your service, someone to connect with, etc.


  • mattgeier

    Dang Todd. I certainly agree with you on these points. — It’s strange how we have a lot in common when it comes to people talking, asking questions etc….I supposed I should take and put my headshot in place of my “logo” …lol …. This was a really good post. I enjoyed reading it. I convey most of these items to people as well. Thanks bud!

  • Thesalescorner

    There…now I’ve got my headshot on The Sales Corner Twitter profile :)

  • Todd Schnick

    50. If you keep your eyes open, you will get the chance to meet and interact with amazing people like Chris Jordan. Connecting with the likes of him make social media worth every damn second…[thanks Chris...]

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks bret… between you and me, i think those are two of the most important items on that list…

    transparency is essential if you are going to really benefit from the social web, and twitter search is one of those secret weapons that i still think most people haven’t tapped into. which is a shame…

  • Todd Schnick

    Good man! If a “face for radio” like me can do it, anyone can!

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks matt. yeah, it is frustrating. most of us already know these things… yet somehow, many of us still practice them…

    well, we’ll keep battling…

  • http://www.yuzzi.com Rick Yuzzi

    Great post. Thanks for sharing…. Uhhh…sorry. Seriously, I enjoyed it. Here’s one kind of like retweeting your own tweet. How about people who RT someone who RTs them.

  • Todd Schnick

    LOL. thanks for reading!

    and yeah, that’s like someone complimenting you at a networking event, and then standing up, and repeating what they said. doesn’t sit well with me….

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  • Debbi Morello

    Nice! Thanks Todd for bringing it home :-) AMEN!

  • Todd Schnick

    thanks debbi – appreciate you stopping by!

  • http://www.allisonpeacock.com Allison Peacock

    Will you marry me?

    Great post because it saved me a lot of time and trouble writing just about the same list of pet peeves!

  • Todd Schnick


    just had to be written. i have about 49 more…


    have a great day. thanks for stopping by!

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  • http://twitter.com/ArveyColumbus Cheri Allbritton

    Well I’m certainly guilty of a few of these. Sorry Todd. Good news though, automation of any kind is not one of them. I’m not that great at remember hashtags either. My husband plays Farmville. But as @kirstenwright says her husband is, mine too is Socially Amish and prefers to play on my account because he likes to see what people have to say but doesn’t want to be responsible for responding to anything. 

  • Todd Schnick

    cheri – we are all guilty of a few of these… but we are human, aren’t we?

    and i intend on stealing the use of socially amish… brilliant!

  • Joe Gaffney

    I think your mention of Twitter search here is massive. Without using it properly it prevents you from getting the most out of what twitter has to offer.

  • Todd Schnick

    i agree joe. best thing about twitter…

  • http://www.bradbrown.co.za/ Brad Brown

    I love, Love, LOVE this Todd Thank you. Just like Rick commented, RT’ing a compliment drives me up the wall. If some one thinks you’re cool, you dont have to tell all your followers. It is like my wife saying she likes my new haircut and I then walk around for the next two days telling everyone I come into contact with that my wife likes my new haircut. You may have a new haircut but it still makes you a douche bag!

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah. true. you immediately cheapen it’s value when you show off…