37th Check-In | The Publix Foursquare Watch

Using Foursquare, Todd has checked-in to his local Publix 37 times, without hearing so much as a peep from them. He will blog after every check-in until he gets some form of customer acknowledgment. In the meantime, he will offer some ideas free of charge. Join the Watch!

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The window shopping men do...

I am a man.

Which, of course, means that when we walk into a grocery store, we do one of two things:

A. Go in with a specific list of necessary items, the list usually provided to us by someone else.

B. Walk in hungry, with no plan of what we really need or want. This usually results in greasy snacks, beer, and/or an odd collection of meat and/or beef products.

I admit. I am very much a “B” man. And when I walk into a store, I would love to be given an idea, something for dinner spoon fed to me, the least creative guy on the cooking earth…

And this leads me to today’s FREE Publix Foursquare Tip: Remember, a retailer like Publix can post specials and things like a “complete meal idea” that simply pop-up on your smart phone screen when you check-in at the store or even to surrounding venues.

Might be a cool idea – from time to time – to offer up a complete meal idea to shoppers like me. You might even suggest a multi-course meal including main entree, vegetable, dessert, and an appropriate wine to go with it. You might even offer a small discount for buying the complete package, or maybe throw in the dessert for free?

What other Foursquare/geolocation ideas do YOU have for Publix?

  • http://highvelocityblog.com/ Stone Payton

    This whole series is just too funny! Then again — not so much. Is Publix comatose? One nice thing about their abundunt oblivion . . . the rest of us get some awesome geo-mobile marketing ideas.

    - Stone

  • tschnick

    Thanks Stone. Yeah, Publix may be smart to let me ramble for a few more weeks… ;-)

  • joelavelle

    When they finally clue in to this series and start implementing your FREE advice, their performance will start going through the roof!

    Maybe that is why they are not contacting you…

  • tschnick

    Getting on Foursquare won't improve their performance. Doing something that their customers go crazy about will improve their performance!

    Thanks, as always, for stopping by Joe!

  • MetroVW

    What a fun post! And pretty true about the “B” part! ;) Thanks for the chuckle Todd!

  • tschnick

    Thanks for stopping by! And yes, there are a lot more “B” guys than will probably admit… ;-)

  • Alicia Arenas (@Alicia Sanera)

    Todd, I am loving this series. I wonder when (or if) Publix is going to pay attention. Your tips are fantastic and are great ideas for not just Publix but other businesses as well.

    Have you thought about contacting Publix PR or marketing department?

  • tschnick

    Thanks Alicia. Others who have seen this series – and have some relationship with Publix – have forwarded to the marketing/PR department. But nothing as of yet.