36th Check-In | The Publix Foursquare Watch

Using Foursquare, Todd has checked-in to his local Publix 36 times, without hearing so much as a peep from them. He will blog after every check-in until he gets some form of customer acknowledgment. In the meantime, he will offer some ideas free of charge. Join the Watch!

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OK, so I checked-in to Publix again tonight. Again, nary a peep.

But guess what! I got some direct mail from them today! That’s right, a sixteen-page booklet, sort of a coupon book if you will.

This piece was addressed to me, or current resident, you know, just in case I have moved on. And full of coupons targeted to…children.

Some things about me:

1. I have no children.
2. I haven’t had children in this house. Ever. [and as a direct mail vendor, I know that data is easily and affordably available to let you know if a household contains little ones....]
3. I am a runner. I blog about running. And losing weight. And eating better.

And I get a mailing about…pop tarts. And Entenmann’s Donuts. And Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread. And Pillsbury Rolls. And Pillsbury Pancakes. And Aunt Jemima Pancake + Waffle Mix. And Jimmy Dean Sausage Links.

Just the kind of food a growing boy like me needs…especially for marathon training!!

Todd’s FREE Publix Foursquare Tip: One of the really great features of Foursquare is that you can review a list of EVERYONE who has checked-in to your store. And Foursquare provides, in most cases, the person’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Yes, you heard me right. Personal pages of REAL customers. Why not connect with them directly? Why not ask about their interests? Why not build a file of their personal food choices? Why not collect their birth dates, and send them a card with a gift coupon? Has to be cheaper than blindly mailing millions of households?

Publix probably spent ONE BILLION dollars on this mailing, and probably sent it to all the neighborhoods around this store, and undoubtedly hundreds of others throughout their many territories. And for the cost of a handful of employees empowered with the ability and time to connect with REAL online customers, they could get to know my story and create an amazing, personalized customer experience, something I would tell the world about…

Instead, I get a two-for-one Pop Tart coupon…

What ideas can you share?

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  • @sassyTinATL

    hey..can u send me that poptart coupon?? haha! :) crazy stuff.

  • tschnick

    Yes! I think it works at ALL publix stores! How are you doing?

  • Krista

    Great blog entry, Todd! I've gotta check out Foursquare and learn more.

  • tschnick

    Thanks Krista. Yeah, anyone in business should check out Foursquare… Hope to see you soon!

  • http://www.thechrisjordan.com Chris Jordan

    This series is cracking me up man! This is awesome… I especially lol'd when reading about the coupon book.

  • tschnick

    Thanks Chris. Yeah, I couldn't believe the direct mail piece…