35th Check-In | The Publix Foursquare Watch

Using Foursquare, Todd has checked-in to his local Publix 35 times, without hearing so much as a peep from them. He will blog after every check-in until he gets some form of customer acknowledgment. In the meantime, he will offer some ideas free of charge. Join the Watch!

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Happy Memorial Day to all of you. Hope you are enjoying your day, having a nice time with friends and loved ones. And remembering those we lost in the fight for our freedom.

What did I do? Well, I went to Publix, with it seems, most everyone else in Cobb County, Georgia…

So being Memorial Day, I observed the following: 245 shopping carts around the meat for grilling section, 211 shopping carts on the beer isle, 324 shopping carts in the soda and snacks section, and 24 shopping carts in the fruit/vegetable section.

But what I thought was a cool idea was the large corn-on-the-cob section. There is a large bin full of husks of corn. You can either load up a bunch and bring with you, OR you can shuck-the-husks on the spot and just bring home corn ready to cook. Thus…

Todd’s FREE Publix Foursquare Tip: Today, in honor of Memorial Day BBQs and family get-togethers, when you checked-in on Foursquare, it would have been a cool idea to notify those about a corn-on-the-cob special. Say, something like buy six husks of corn, get three FREE. I mean, nothing is as American as corn-on-the-cobb. Would have been nice to see a screen pop up on my smart phone alerting me to that special as I checked-in….

What is your cool idea for how a store like Publix can utilize an application like Foursquare?