10 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Spartan!

The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where are they. | from Plutarch

Leonidas, King of Sparta

From a business and life perspective, we all could use a little Spartan in us. What this quote means to me:

Don’t fear the enemy. Don’t fear difficult things. Don’t fear the naysayers. Don’t fear hard. In fact, you should seek it. Only then can we tackle that fear, and see what we are truly capable of.

In fact, the Spartan believes that not trying, not sacrificing, not pursuing your big task is a life wasted.

So, to put it simply, how does the above quote apply to us from a business and life perspective?

You may think you will never get that dream client. The Spartan in you says go for it. What have you got to lose?

You may think you could never design a product the Steve Jobs way. The Spartan in you says care about it, and design it in a way that matters to you.

You may think you could never double your sales revenue. The Spartan in you says people are doing that every day. Why not you?

You may think you can’t have your dream job, or run your dream business. The Spartan just believes it is possible. And does it anyway.

There is no way this company will ever hire me. The Spartan in you says to begin, one step at a time, to build a personal story that makes you irrisistable to that company.

There is no way I could ever get my book published. The Spartan says why not? If this writer can be approached by a publisher for a book, so can you.

That A-Lister will never appear on my podcast. This Spartan bagged him and him. You can too…

There is no way I could ever run a full marathon. The Spartan in you knows there exists an army of friends who have all been in that same boat. And if they all can run, you can run too…

There is no way I could lose 25 pounds. The Spartan in you says no problem, you merely have to decide to do it. I’ve lost 13 pounds so far this year. If I can do it…you can do it.

What is your inner Spartan pushing you to do?

[Spartans quote and post inspiration h/t to Steve Pressfield’s book The Warrior Ethos]


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