10 Simple Marketing and Sales Hacks for 2012

Get uneasy in 2012

Here are ten ways to hack your 2012 marketing and sales efforts:

1. Make the commitment to actually treat people like human beings. Novel idea, I know. But I am a person. I like to engage in conversations. I am NOT an entry in a CRM database. DON’T YELL IN MY EAR. Don’t blast me with messages YOU want me to hear. Talk to me, and soon enough, you will know what I want.

2. Throw your CRM out the window. You aren’t using it, so why not? It is just taking space on your machine. If you can’t use pencil and paper to manage the important truly relationships in your sales and marketing process, you aren’t following item one. Think I am full of it? Then use the damn thing the way you are supposed to, and stop bitching about it.

3. Remove stuff. Remove service offerings that don’t sell. Remove products that don’t move. Remove antiquated sales processes that don’t work. Watch those TV shows where people coach restaurant owners. Oftentimes, their first piece of advice is to remove most of the dishes, and focus only on a few specialties, and really do them well. You should do the same.

4. Do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is a killer. For you, for your focus, for your creativity, and for your business as a whole. It is counterintuitive to come across less busy…Lord knows you don’t want to appear to your colleagues to be accomplishing less. But trust me, you will win in the end.

5. Do fewer things. Yes, set a goal to actually accomplish less in 2012. But select the fewer things that will drive more revenue.

6. Slow down. Take your time. All this stuff moves at it’s own pace. You can’t force this into a fixed timetable. If you work at a place where this is expected, you will be miserable (but you already knew this). Slowing down takes the pressure off. Business will close when it is ready to close. Do what you can to communicate and serve, and suggest ideas to help your prospect move the needle, and the timing will take care of itself.

7. Jump. You heard me. Take the plunge. Try things. Experiment with things. Test things. But guess what? You know this. You are tired of people telling you this. You are tired of people selling you books and products to teach you this. But you are probably chicken shit, and won’t jump. But until you do, you will be mediocre.

8. Go natural. If you require a script to follow, you are doing it wrong. If you are required to follow a script, they are doing it wrong. Be yourself. Follow instincts. This makes you legitimate. Human. Approachable. Trustworthy. If you are some sales bot, people don’t want to interact with you, they don’t trust you, and your existence will suck.

9. Acknowledge that there is no standard. No one person acts the same. Each buying cycle is different. Each thought process is different. If you try to fit everyone into the same pattern, the same process, you will labor and struggle. We are all unique…each person…and each organization. Manage your expectations to recognize this fact, and your outcomes will be more satisfying, and you will enjoy the ride a lot more.

10. Get uneasy. Look at the pic on top of this post. Here are two guys working at the very top of the Empire State Building. I am not talking about the observation deck. I am talking the top of the radio antenna on top. This pic makes me nauseous. But thrilled at the same time. That’s where you need to be to know you are truly doing something worthwhile. And exciting.

I mean, seriously. Why can’t sales and marketing in 2012 get you closer to the edge? Why can’t you push the envelope?

And why can’t it be exciting?


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  • Big Mike

    Jolly good advice. Jump.