10 Intrepid Habits For Better Marketing + Personal Branding

Are your intrepid habits lighting the way?

To be an intrepid marketer, and to live an intrepid life, here are 10 important habits to have:

1. When you personally meet someone new that you believe should remain an important long-term contact, send a personal, handwritten note to thank them, and tell them how pleased you are to meet them. This will sear you in their memory…I promise.

2. When you meet someone new, someone that you want to deepen a relationship with, subscribe to their blog (if they have one). This way, you can get to know them, comment on meaningful content, and get a sense of what they are about and what is important to them.

3. If you identify someone worth knowing, one way to get to know them is to follow them on Twitter. But don’t stalk them. Don’t send them a direct message and sell them something. And your first tweet shouldn’t be to invite them to coffee. No, you should strike up conversation first. Get to know them. Here are some ways to start conversations on Twitter.

4. Don’t know about you, but I have a ton of meetings with people at various coffee shops. If someone buys you the coffee, send them a personal handwritten thank-you note. If someone buys you lunch…. buys you dinner… gives you a copy of their book… send them a personal handwritten thank-you note. And yes, even if you’ve known them for years…

5. I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating. Read. Read a lot. Read 30 minutes a day. This helps you with continuous learning, this helps you be more creative, this helps you better think through problems and solutions, and this makes you more articulate.

6. Keep your car clean and presentable. What? Really? Did you just suggest this? Yes. I had lunch with a fellow yesterday, and he just so happened to park next to me outside the restaurant. I was glad my car looked nice. I am sure it solidified his impression of me. Little things, you know?

6.5. And while we are at it, dress appropriately too…

7. To get all Tom Peters on you, “excellence is the next five minutes.” Be as excellent as you can be in the next five minutes. Brush your teeth well. Put away the dishes neatly and carefully. Don’t dial-in your blog writing. When you read, be in the moment, and concentrate on the words…soak them in. Excellence isn’t a long-term aspiration. Excellence is every moment. Excellence is the next five minutes [h/t Mr. Peters].

8. Improve your communication skills. And I don’t necessarily mean adopting a better email platform or getting a better mobile phone. I mean, get in the habit of communicating more clearly – and more often – with the people that matter to you. You can wake up one day at 41 years old and realize you’ve done a poor job at this. Change now. Form a new habit to better communicate with customers, friends and family.

9. Make it a habit to share the good works of someone else each and every day. I call this blazespotting. It reflect well on you and your personal brand to showcase someone other than you. But this is harder than it looks. And getting into a discipline to do this – every day – is a great habit to form!

10. And this list wouldn’t be complete without the following: eat well, sleep well, exercise well [and please note, just because this is at the end of the list, it is, in fact, the most important item on the list]. And don’t eat fast food. Just don’t. Life is too short wasting it eating that crap. If all you have time for is McDonalds, you’ve got bigger problems…

So that’s what I got for now. What additional habits would you add?


[photo from flickr]

  • http://twitter.com/XposeYourBrand XposeYourBrand

    Well written Todd, I’m guilty of #8 I have to do better with the family.

  • Todd Schnick

    oh. i was too. for years. i’ve made a change, and it has been glorious…

  • Anonymous

    Keeping your car clean is sooo important if you drive a wrapped car. But I have to admit, with two kiddos, I’m guilty of tossing my junk in the backseat (perforated window graphics do cover up quite a bit on the interior!).

    Oh, and thanks for reminding me…I have a few thank yous to finish up!

    I would add one more habit to better marketing and personal branding…”follow through on commitments.”

  • Todd Schnick

    yeah, shock that you believe in a clean car… ;-)

    and i love love love the “follow thru on commitments.” that is essential. i mean, essential for building your brand…

  • http://twitter.com/graphnick Nick Haroldsen

    Great list as always, @toddschnick. I can always use improvement in communication and getting people to remember me.

  • Todd Schnick

    i think we all need continuous improvement on that score…

    thanks for stopping by!